Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones said the new emphasis on roughing the passer that bars a defender from landing with his full body weight on the quarterback has altered the game “as much as any one [rule] I have seen make a change from our past.”

Speaking on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas on Tuesday, Jones said the game played at the pro level needs to be different from the one played in high school and college.

“The way I see our future is, I see a real serious emphasis on youth football, amateur football,” Jones said. “I see it reflected at the high school level. … I see a collegiate game that certainly has a lot of finesse in it, but is a great game and makes these kinds of adjustments we’re talking about.

Jerry continued on about boxing gloves, etc. 

“It’s real important that pro football distinguish itself as a very physical game relative to the game at college, relative to the game at high school and amateur,” Jones said Tuesday. “That’s very important. Now, where to find that balance, that’s one thing. But when we get to a point in the future in time, you’ll see pro football where they’ve put the 6-ounce gloves on and where the men are playing.”

Not sure what the hell Jerry is talking about, but hey, if he’s not talking about how the Cowboys are going to stink the rest of this season, it’s a win for him.