The Dallas Cowboys have won three Super Bowls during the Jerry Jones era, but none since 1996. Twenty-two years is a long-enough wait for Jones, who said Tuesday that he wouldn’t hesitate to part with a sizable sum to win another title.

The owner walked back those comments Tuesday, citing how unrealistic such a swap would be.

“Years ago, I wanted that third Super Bowl so bad I said if you [the man upstairs] give me one more, I’ll never ask again,” Jones explained Tuesday. “I find myself trying to retrade that trade for the last 20-something years. Since we’ve got it in perespective of who we’re talking about right now, then I don’t have to make that trade. So let’s just win a Super Bowl.”

The clock is ticking for Jerry. He’d be better off spending his money to extend his life as long as possible. That way maybe he can somehow luck himself into another Superbowl.