The New York Jets are having a terrible season so far. They are 3-7, and stuck in last place in the AFC East. 

And it appears the team’s performance is taking its toll on the fan base. One fan in particular is really having a tough go of it. Christopher Greyshock told police the reason he had drank so much was because the Jets suck


“A West Milford man was arrested Sunday on a DUI charge after he told Wayne police the reason he drank too much because the “Jets suck.”

Christopher Greyshock, 57, blamed the struggling football team for his overindulgence while police were administering a field sobriety test, said Capt. Larry Martin.

When they arrived on scene, police found the Wayne First Aid Squad attending to an injured woman and someone lying on the grass.

Greyshock had approached officers and was unable to walk straight, almost falling onto the highway, Martin said. Greyshock told the police he had rear-ended a car stopped in traffic.

Police were able to smell alcohol on Greyshock’s breath and he had liquid stains on his pants, Martin said. Greyshock failed the field sobriety test and was arrested. When his car was searched, police found a three-quarter filled bottle of Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey, a joint, a bag of suspected marijuana and two packages of rolling papers, said Martin.”

If you’re going to be rolling around with Bourbon and joints in your car, the Jets sucking has nothing to do with your arrest. Don’t blame your addiction issues on the Jets. 

They should be a lot easier to quit than the booze and the weed. 

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