We’re hearing San Francisco 49ers superstar Quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo has agreed to sign with Jordan Brand. 

Reports have come out saying how it’s a dream come true for the young QB to be signed to a Jordan endorsement deal! 

A native of Chicago, Jimmy G’s Jordan roots run pretty deep as he grew up smack dab in the middle of Jordan’s popularity. 

“I was pretty young, but even when they were winning those championships, I can remember staying up with my three brothers, mom and dad—we’d all be in the living room watching it,” he said. “It was so exciting. Ever since I was a little kid, he’s been my favorite athlete, so it’s pretty cool to be part of his brand now.”

We’ve spotted Jimmy G rocking the Jordans. 

He’s also been spotted wearing a bunch of Jordan Brand apparel and shoes. I think it’s a great signing and if you’re a 49ers fan, you have to be super excited! 

Looks like confirmation came in on Jimmy’s signing. It’s official like a ref with a whistle.