We received a tip about Sixers star Joel Embiid dating SI Swimsuit model Anne De Paula.  They provided a ton of evidence that makes a pretty strong case and we just so happened to have a video of the two of them looking rather cozy.

First what we received from the tipster, then the video of the two together.

I have no for sure evidence, just lots of circumstantial evidence that I think makes it clear. Links to websites are hyperlinked.

1. PageSix Article shows that Embiid was at a party with models and it name drops both of them. And confirming the story here is Anne De Paula twerking at the party and then here she is whispering in his ear at said party.

2. As of Monday October 1st, she’s at Sixers games with a Joel Embiid jersey on courtside. If you watch the replay of that game you can see her every time the camera pans to the coach.

3. Instagram Activity. They are both pretty tame on IG but they do like a solid amount of each other’s photos. But the sign here is that Joel follows her mom. She’s private but taking a scan through the people he follows she should not be hard to find.

4. Some other little things like here where she’s at Made In America Festival in Philly. he was also there like here dancing in the VIP area, where both seemed to be based on her snaps that day I was unable to save.

There’s a few pieces of evidence but to me the jersey at the game yesterday was the biggest one.

Great work.  Anne in a jersey at the game is pretty good evidence.  So is this video of Embiid with his arm around her.

After famously striking out with Rihanna, it looks like trusting the process has finally worked out off the court for Joel.

Here’s a closer look at some of De Paula’s work.