Frank Ragin, the man who attacked NFL star Pacman Jones back in July at the Atlanta International Airport, was sentenced to one-year in jail.  Not only did he pick a fight with the wrong guy and get knocked out, he has to serve time.

Via TMZ Sports:

Cops investigated and determined Ragin was the aggressor — and they arrested him on the spot. He was later charged with 2 counts of battery, 1 count of disorderly conduct and 1 count of terroristic threats.

Ragin ultimately struck a deal with prosecutors where he agreed to plead no contest to 1 count of battery and the other 3 charges were dropped.

Challenging Pacman turned out to be a really big mistake for this guy.  Let that be a lesson to the rest of you.  If you want to get knocked out and go to jail, take a few swings at Jones.