Sometime trusting the process can lead to tears.

The Sixers big man walked back to the locker room after the game, Embiid was spotted crying and heartbroken.

The 76ers star was with his girlfriend in the hallway who cried alongside Embiid.

Now he has even more support. 

9-year-old 76ers fan Olivia Djamoos took it upon herself to write a heartwarming letter to Embiid.

In the letter she explains how proud she was of him and the team.

“Dear Joel Embiid, you are my favorite player. I am sorry that you lost. I saw you crying on T.V. It’s ok to lose sometimes, I lost basketball games too,” Djamoos wrote. “You got so far and I am proud of you and the 76ers.

This is exactly what Joel needs after a grueling NBA Playoffs. 

If this doesn’t make him feel better, nothing will.  

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