During Game 4 of the Cavs-Celtics series, Embiid tweeted out the following . The tweet is referring to Aron Baynes of the Boston Celtics, aka, Man Bun, who Embiid had a few run ins with during the Sixers and Celtics Eastern Conference Semifinals playoff matchup.

Joel Embiid is vacationing in the Bahamas and Aron Baynes is still playing in the NBA playoffs after his team eliminated JoJo and the Sixers. I think Embiid is missing the adrenaline and energy, if you remember he did this to Baynes just a handful of days ago:

Joel Embiid is still the most entertaining man in the playoffs even when he’s not playing in them anymore. I can’t wait til this guy wins an NBA championship, he’s going to be a nut.