Dallas Cowboys quarterbacks coach Jon Kitna is really high on Dak Prescott.  So high, he compared him to Hall of Famer Warren Moon. 

According to Kitna, Prescott throws “one of the tighest spirals you’ll ever see.”  He claims it’s very similar to Moon’s.

Via Star-Telegram

“I had the chance to play with Warren Moon in my second and third year, and I feel like he throws the ball very similar to Warren,” Kitna said of Prescott. “It’s one of the tightest spirals you’ll ever see.”

Dak has a long way to go before he reaches anything close to what Warren Moon was able to do in the league.  He put up Hall of Fame worthy numbers on some pretty bad teams. 

Dak’s had the luxury of playing on some pretty good, run first Cowboys teams.  We’ll see if his tight spiral is enough to get him into the Hall of Fame.

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