Ric Flair revealed that his recent stay in the hospital was due to the fact that he had a new pacemaker put in.  He also had a blood clot he wasn’t aware of taken care of while he was there.

Following the surgery, the 70-year-old wrestling legend says he’ll be around for another 25 years.

Via TMZ Sports:

This is the 4th time I’ve been in in 7 weeks,” Flairs tells us … “They finally figured out what type of pacemaker to put on me. Which I  found out just how important the operation of your heart is. Ya can’t breathe if your hearts not working.” 

In fact … Naitch says they even were able to get rid of a blood clot he didn’t know he had.

“I stayed for 48 hours [after surgery] just to make sure because we’ve been trying everything,” Ric said, showing off his brand-new heart surgery scar.

“We finally got behind it and I think I’m good to go.”

It’s good to see the Nature Boy is still alive and well.  We’re a better society with Ric Flair around to entertain us.

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