Actor and Vikings superfan Josh Duhamel was on “The Dan Patrick Show” to discuss Minnesota’s playoff game against the 49ers this weekend.  While discussing the game, Duhamel let it slip that he had a new girlfriend.

Being the sports gossip blogger that he is, Dan Patrick picked up on that little nugget immediately.  Instead of making things awkward he asked the 47-year-old actor to compare his girlfriend to an NFL quarterback.

That’s when things really got awkward.  Duhamel said she was Patrick Mahomes, to which Dan Patrick replied, “young, versatile.” 

While Duhamel nervously laughed at the response, Patrick added, “she can throw the deep ball.”

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It turns out she’s all of those things and more.  Duhamel is dating 26-year-old Audra Mari, who is a former beauty pageant contestant turned model (see above).

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