This week has not been a good one for Patriots receiver Josh Gordon.  After it appeared as if he had finally turned his life around and gotten his promising career back in track, his girlfriend broke up with him and he was suspended by the NFL.

Earlier in the week his now ex-girlfriend, Dylan Gonzalez, revealed that the couple had called it quits after Gordon allegedly cheated on her.  

Then Gordon releases a statement on Thursday morning that he was stepping away from the Patriots to work on his mental health.

The news quickly turned into reports that Gordon had failed another drug test and by Thursday afternoon he was suspended indefinitely by the NFL again.

This time Gordon could be handed a lifetime ban from the NFL.  Let’s hope that’s not the case, although we admit it doesn’t look good for the highly talented receiver.

Gordon’s ex is also offering up and asking for prayers for him.  She added that this hurts her much more than his alleged cheated and that she’s there for him.