Looks like Josh Norman is trying his best to get in some relaxtion before the season. Josh Norman has returned to the Middle East as his offseason comes to a close.

The globetrotting cornerback has been around the world during his time away from football, taking in the sights and sounds from the United Kingdom, the West Coast and Israel. He’s also in a bit of a legal fight. 

Via the Blast.com:  

Josh Norman became a father earlier this year and now he is trying to gain custody and visitation of his young daughter.The star cornerback of the Washington Redskins is in a legal fight with a woman named Melody Woods. Norman claims he had a “causal relationship” with Woods in 2017, which resulted in her becoming pregnant. Woods gave birth to a girl, Blake, on January 27, 2018 and a DNA test confirmed that Norman was the father.

Norman is now fighting for joint custody of Blake after Woods filed documents seeking sole legal and physical custody of the 7-month-old.

“Melody alleges that I indicated that I did not want to be involved in Blake’s life,” Norman says in his declaration. “This is false, as I remain joyful and fully prepared to take responsibility for my part in raising our child.”

Norman lays out his proposed plan for custody of Blake, which includes him having a member of his family flying the child out to D.C. for one week a month during a week when the Redskins are scheduled to play at home. In addition, Josh Norman is looking for custody whenever he is in California for a game or on a bye week. Norman is pushing back on the issue of child support. In the documents, his attorney argues that if the court calculates support based on his income, the amount would clearly be more than a young child needs.

Instead, Norman is offering to pay $5,788/month, which he says is twice the amount of Woods’ monthly expenses.

Norman has made himself an even more public figure this offseason, especially in regards to humanitarian efforts. After donating over $100,000 to hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico last year, the South Carolina native turned his attention towards migrant children who had been detained and subsequently released at the the United State-Mexico border