The game between LeBron James Jr.’s North Coast Blue Chips and the Nike Meanstreets was canceled after a man wearing a Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls jersey began heckling LeBron  and was denied entrance, according to a event official who declined to give his name.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the man, who was about 150 feet away from James, also screamed at event security and was eventually restrained, which triggered the cancellation and a brief altercation with security personnel.

James, his wife, Savannah, and daughter, Zhuri, who were in seats along the court’s baseline, were promptly escorted out a side door with the Blue Chips players, all 13 and younger, while event security quelled the situation.

Spectators were redirected to the main gym, where a game between the Oakland Soldiers and Brad Beal Elite was being played. 

LeBron being the most famous athlete on the planet is going to deal with stuff like this. If he wants to avoid situation like these, he has to stay at home. Hecklers exist in the real world too, not only on Twitter.