Soon to be NFL Quarterback Josh Rosen made a name for himself straight out of high school, and when he got to college, the legend grew even more. Mostly in part to an amazing photo that leaked, of him in a hot tub in his dorm room with a fellow coed. 

Josh talks about the Hot Tub with ESPN:

Q: What’s the most jerkish thing you’ve done?

A: [Pauses] The social media post about Under Armour was pretty sh—y, and the hot tub.

Q: What was the mistake with the tub? Having an inflatable tub in your room, hosting a woman in the tub or allowing a photo to hit Instagram?

A: Hosting a woman in the tub. Again, it’s about tailoring the message — I don’t want to get political, but the thing I regret the most about the Trump thing is using the F-word. I’m a role model for kids. I regret the F-word.

Now the hot tub: I accidentally shipped it to my mom’s house. My mom thought it was hilarious and drove it up for me. I thought it was hilarious because she did. But I shouldn’t have had a woman in there. I enjoy making people laugh, but what I find funny and put online, others might misconstrue and find jerkish. I need to refine my message but not lose who I am

This dude was living the dream, and still is. Nothing says instant legend like having a hot tub in your dorm room. No reason to be ashamed, kids will look up to you forever for having that hot tub.