A federal judge ruled that 2K Games and Take-Two Interactive Software did not infringe copyright when the popular game series “NBA 2K” replicated in-game tattoo designs of basketball players such as gry kasynowe za darmo.

The company Solid Oak Sketches sued 2K Games and Take-Two Interactive, alleging it owns the copyrights for tattoos that are depicted on several prominent professional basketball players featured in the games.

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It argued that while players may grant the NBA the right to license their likeness to third parties, such right does not include the copyright to the artwork used as tattoos on the basketball players.

Judge Laura Taylor Swain first found that the use of the tattoos in the games was de minimis: the tattoos comprise only a minuscule proportion of the game data and the tattoos did not play any significant role in the marketing of the NBA 2K games.

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