What’s old is new. 

At least that’s the case for New England Patriots star wide receiver Julian Edelman.  

It appears old reliable Daiane Sodre is in Boston for Easter weekend, and has been spending it with Superbowl MVP Julian Edelman.

To give you a little refresher on Julian and Daiane’s history, the two were originally spotted Netflix and chilling last year.  

Earlier this year Julian was with her on Valentine’s day. 

Now she has once again popped up.  

She arrived Saturday at around 8pm according to her post on Snapchat.

From our source: 

Attached are some of the pictures she posted of herself in Boston driving down Julian Edelman’s street Commonwealth Ave and from inside his condo tonight ( from his bedroom). She gets a quarterly invite to hook up with him and choo choo trains in to Boston from NYC at any opportunity, and she post hints all on Snapchat that she’s in town for her quarterly hookup. Also if you look on Julian Edelman’s Twitter you’ll see his bedroom fireplace and mantle which is the same one Daiane Sodre posted on Snapchat last night. 

Check out all the receipts below: 

Looks like the two also hit up a concert. 

Julian Edelman posted an Instagram story from the Citizen Cope concert last night, he was siting a few rows back center stage. Daiane Sodre also posted on Instagram from the Citizen Cope concert last night from the same location, center stage a few rows back. Citizen Cope played last night in Boston at the Orpethum theater. 

Check out more receipts below:  

Looks like Julian wanted a familiar face this holiday weekend. 

You can’t blame him for contacting an old flame. 

She’s not too bad to look at. 

Check out more of Daiane below: 

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