We were tipped off this morning that over the weekend Julio Jones’ nephew was reportedly shot over the weekend. 

Here’s the report 

Baldwin County Sheriff Huey Hoss Mack says the shooting happened around 120 p.m. in the 15000 block of Springfield Court in Magnolia Springs on Sunday, November 18th. 

While heading to Springfield Court a second call came in that individuals arrived at South Baldwin Regional Medical Center with multiple gunshot wounds. Sheriff Mack says the two incidents were related and four people were shot, one of which is a resident in the Magnolia Springs area.

 That person was transported by ambulance to a helicopter and flown directly to University Hospital. The other three individuals transported themselves in a tan Ford SUV to South Baldwin Regional Medical Center. Two of them were later transported via helicopter to University Hospital in an unknown condition.

Sheriff Mack believes the individuals drove so fast that the SUV caught fire. 

Sheriff Mack says the driver of the SUV is considered a suspect in the shooting and the BCSO has taken the SUV as evidence.

Sheriff Mack says, there were two other individuals in the trailer at the time of the incident but were not injured. Sheriff Mack says there are at least two shooters, one of which is the resident. Deputies are not looking for other shooters at this time.

They have not released the names at this time. 

Looks like the names have not been released yet, but someone in the know confirmed to us it’s 100% Julio’ nephew. 

If anyone has any more info send it on over, the tip line is always open

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