The game on Saturday between the Oilers and Flames got heated at times.  The two teams did a lot of trash-talking and ended up in a dogpile after a few punches were thrown.

Zack Kassian of the Oilers wanted to throw hands with Matthew Tkachuk, but it appeared as if Tkachuk didn’t want anything to do with him.  

Tkachuk ate a couple of punches anyway before going down and covering up.  Both teams came together on the two men and a brief dogpile formed before the two teams were separated.

That’s a soft move by Tkachuk.  If a guy wants to throw hand then you throw hands.  Don’t turtle up and fall to the ice.

To make matters worse, after turtling up, Tkachuk went back to the bench and ran his mouth some more.  These kinds of guys are the worst.