It seems that the Nigerian Nightmare was right when he said that he would make Colby pay for all of this racial slurs and personal insults during the pre-fight conferences. In fact, Usman managed to predict exactly when he would finish the fight with Covington during his title defense. The champ said that he would make Colby suffer for four and a half rounds before completely decking him on the floor and finishing him off. And that’s exactly what happened on December the 15th during UFC 245.

Colby and Usman were the main event there and it was expected to be a rough and bloody match where the two would really unleash all of the pent-up rage and fury that they have for each other. Colby was on a trash talking bandwagon as he prepared to face off against the Nigerian Nightmare, but that didn’t seem to do him any good come fight day. Usman really decided to punish his loudmouth comments as he went for the jaw in the third round, even managing to break it at one point in the round. Covington wasn’t keen on quitting because of his broken jaw though and he went on to fight until he was knocked out in the 5th faster than lonely guys get knocked out when they play Free Online Porn Games.

What’s also noteworthy about the performance is the fact that neither of the two fighters decided to hit the ground and wrestle during the match. Even though both are known for their prolific wrestling abilities, they just weren’t ready to take each other up on the floor and so the match was mostly kept up on their feet. The two exchanged punches, but it was clear that Usman was way more convincing, landing several power punches straight to the sweet spot of Colby, especially in the final round.

In that last round Usman really got a few money shots in as Covington fell to the floor of the octagon several times before not getting up. Usman got on top of him near the end of the fifth and started pounding away at his head at which point the referee was forced to stop the fight. The stoppage was at 4:10 in the final round. You won’t get a finisher that close unless you’re playing some of the latest and greatest XXX Games right now.

It seems that Colby’s “gas tank” wasn’t serving him that night as he was completely wasted by the end of the fight. The guy had a broken jaw, several bruises on both his eyes and body, and even several cuts which were bleeding profusely on his face, covering it in blood. It must’ve felt good for Usman as he stopped the possibility of Colby showing off the belt to Donald Trump which he apparently planned to do when he said it during one of the conferences while sporting a MAGA hat.