Are you one of those sports fans who want to make money while you enjoy watching your favourite sport? All you have to do is create your own team from the player’s pool of both the teams playing a particular match, who you think will perform well in the match. And that’s it.

You will earn points and money based on the performances of players you have selected in your fantasy team.

At the start of the contest, you will be given 100 points to select eleven players in your team. As the game progresses the performances of the players selected by you decide how much money you will win from the match. So start playing PlayOne fantasy cricket and make big bucks!

About PlayOne Fantasy Cricket League:

Over the years, several websites and franchise have come up and provided the fantasy cricket services wherein people can win the handy amount of money using their analytical skills and understanding of cricket teams, players and games. But a very few of these franchises provide flexibility, the luxury of transparency and deals that you can’t thank enough for.

PlayOne is one among those few fantasy cricket franchise that provides you with all of it. With the latest offers and a lot of cricket schedules of your favourite cricket team lined-up in the deck. PlayOne is offering you a signup bonus of Rs. 50 if you sign up for the website using a referral code.

Rs. 50 Signup bonus upon joining using referral code:

The Rs. 50 bonus you get after signing up using a referral code is 25% usable when you join new contests in any particular match.

Instant PAN card verification of members:

To give members more flexibility, PlayOne also offers instant PAN Card verification without taking much of the time of members with zero paperwork and time-saving the policy. The PAN Card verification on PlayOne takes less than a couple of minutes to verify your details and to link it with your sign up account and PlayOne. This makes it easier for the members to immediately sign up and get going without having to wait for much time to start earning.

Bank verification of members in one day:

PlayOne also offers an unmatched one day Bank verification process to its members. With this, it is not long after you join, you can start earning money and take part in the contests. The members after entering bank details and linking the bank account with PlayOne account, the verification will be completed within one day, also making it easier for members to get their hands on money at the earliest in PlayOne contests.

EMI feature ‘Play today, pay tomorrow’:

One of the best features offered by PlayOne to its members is the EMI feature where the members can add up to Rs. 3000/- into their account and play. The amount can then be paid back in easy monthly instalments. The feature gives flexibility to the members to ‘play today and pay tomorrow’.