Last week rumors hit the internet that Karl-Anthony Towns now ex-girlfriend Kawahine Andrade slept with Jimmy Butler in Los Angeles while she was still dating Towns.

Shortly after the news broke, Towns called the reports fake news.  Now Kawa is speaking out and she called it “nonsense Gossip.”

Shout out to the real ones, who don’t get caught up in believing some nonsense Gossip. ❤️

And too the rest of you internet trolls… I’m praying you find peace in whatever your struggling with that makes you find pleasure in being so cruel to people. Your mean words aren’t a reflection of who i am, they reflect who you are. Desperate for attention. && extra sauce to whoever had the time to sit around and come up with this absurd story line?? Round of applause to you. Hope that paid well.



Obviously she is denying the rumors and it doesn’t sound like she’s a reader of our site.  That’s unfortunate.  I guess we’ll never know what caused Butler to request a trade seemingly out of nowhere.  

On a side note, this is a pretty good way to issue a statement.  I’m seriously considering doing this whenever I have something to deny or confirm.