When a comparison between this season’s Warriors and the 1997-98 Bulls title-winning team was proposed, Kerr, who was a member of that Chicago squad, knocked it down quickly. Because this may be the last year the Warriors core remains? 

“I think the difference is with Phil [Jackson] in ’98 we all were free agents and we all knew we were all going to be gone, including Phil,” Kerr said. “But we’re not in that same position. We do have plenty of free agents, but we’re not looking at this as the final dance. Like I said, we want to have some fun and enjoy what we have this year and move on from there.”

Kerr has repeatedly stated over the last year that his team should not be compared to the Michael Jordan-led Bulls dynasty of the 1990s that won six NBA championships. 

“I don’t think our motivation is history,” Kerr said. “We know how special it would be historically if we did it. Only a handful of teams have ever done it, but that’s not our focus. Our focus is to really enjoy it while it lasts. And nothing lasts forever, so we know that. We want to go out this year and enjoy every step of the way.”

First thing’s first, they don’t have Michael Jordan, so the comparisons should stop there. Had MJ not retired, it was more than likely the Bulls may have won 8 in a row. 

The Warriors are hands down the current reigning dynasty in the NBA, but nowhere near the Bulls yet. If they do lose a few via free agency, it will be interesting to see how they respond.