Looks like the NBA Finals has no shortage of drama before it tips off on Thursday. 

A video surfaced, which Leonard’s sister Miesha Slayton posted, saying Kawhi is one and done in Toronto. 

Slayton, who goes by handle “mztwotwo” on Instagram, put on a live stream celebrating Toronto’s Game 6 win over the Milwaukee Bucks.

She was responding to Raptors fans messaging their love for Leonard, with plenty of messages praying that he re-signs with them in free agency.

Now she’s doing her best to clarify things.

Slayton explained to a fellow Raptors fans and a regular contributor on @RaptorsRepublic that it was a Raptors Hater in the background.    

This is why Social Media has changed the game. 

Everything and anything is dissected until it says exactly what we all want to hear. 

Kawhi only stays if the Raptors win. 

Don’t need anyone to shout that in the background of a video to come up with that.  

Also what’s she doing with a Raptors hater during a big game?? 

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