Kawhi Leonard turned the power in the NBA on its head over the weekend signing with the Los Angeles Clippers and getting Paul George to join him by asking OKC for a trade. 

The new look Clippers went from playoff team to championship favorites.  Reports following Leonard’s signing suggest he and his team had fun with the rumors that he was going to sign with the Lakers and Raptors.

Now a Toronto Star story is out that say Kawhi’s uncle and manager, Dennis Robertson, talked about the Clippers throughout the playoffs.

Via Toronto Star:

During the playoffs, and even the Finals, sources indicate Kawhi and his adviser and uncle Dennis Robertson were focused on the Clippers, even as Toronto’s championship run unfolded. During the playoffs Robertson was overheard more than once in the post-game back-hall melees talking about leaving; even after Game 4 in Philadelphia, where Kawhi made the first of two shots in the series to save the season, and during the Finals.

It was always going to be Los Angeles and it was always going to be the Clippers.  Well played Kawhi, you provided non-stop content for weeks.

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