Former Mets star turned broadcaster, Keith Hernandez, dropped a hot take on Braves young star Ronald Acuna Jr. being intentionally hit with a pitch.  

Acuna Jr. was hit with the first pitch thrown by Marlins starter Jose Urena in the bottom of the first inning.  The HBP came after Acuna had hit home runs to lead off three consecutive games for the Braves.

Durinf the Mets game, Hernandez weighed in on the incident and agreed with hitting Acuna on purpose.

“They’re killing you.  You’ve lost three games.  He’s hit three home runs you gotta hit him.  I’m sorry.  People are not going to like that.  You gotta hit him, you gotta seriously knock him down if you’re not going to hit him.”

I have a better idea, get him out.  You want to stop him from hitting home runs?  Execute pitches better and get him out.

You’re the Marlins, a lousy team, at the bottom of the division.  There’s no need to be offended by a guy owning your pitching staff.  Stop sucking.