Warriors star Kevin Durant has stepped up his social media activity since breaking things off with his girlfriend Cassandra Anderson.  Whether it’s liking a reporter’s skintight jeans or following the daughter of an NFL legend, he’s sparked plenty of rumors since the split.

The latest surrounding KD and his social media activity involves Taylor Rooks, someone he’s been rumored to have been seeing in the past.  She recently joined the Bleacher Report and the two have been playing a little bit of footsy on social media lately.

According to our tipster, Rooks ended a relationship that was followed by a return to activity with Durant on social media.  It could be a friendly courtesy or it could be waving a flag to KD that she’s back on the market.

We’ll have to keep an eye on these two to see if there’s more than a little flirting online going on.  

Here’s a closer look at Rooks:

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