The Warriors etched their names in the history books yet again Saturday night.

The Dubs’ 115-111 victory over the Celtics marked Golden State’s 10th consecutive win, a streak they achieved for the sixth straight season. 

Not only is KD winning on the court, he’s also scoring off the court too. 


KD’s latest lady in his life is IG model Nae Santana

We noticed KD following Nae, who is a Puerto Rican & Dominican IG model with 63K IG followers. 

KD being one of them.  

Of course she follows KD back: 

Nae was spotted at the Warriors Celtics game over the weekend. 

Check out the screenshots below: 

KD was also spotted in one of her IG videos, it’s hard to tell but he’s the one circled wearing a red hoodie. 

All signs are pointing to something going on between Durant and Nae. 

Check out some pics of the IG model below: 

Kevin Durant scores, that’s what he does. 

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