P retty bizarre behavior from Kyrie Irving, and this is coming from a man who claimed the Earth is flat. 

Kyrie Irving is known for his enigmatic personality. His interviews and social media posts always leave you scratching your head. 

And his latest IG post is pretty strange to say the least.  

Hermetic Friends, Inc.
My light Brothers and Sisters! The age of No More Secrets is upon us. World Peace will be achieved in our life time and we better Effin believe it! Let them have the fabricated bull****. That genuine love and energy spreads all over the world. Eye see all.

Irving will be one of the most coveted free agents on the market this summer.

Good to see some people know what he’s talking about. Kevin Durant, who is also considering a change of scenery, responded in his post. 

Sounds to me like some Illuminati stuff going on.  

If you believe in that sort of thing. 

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