Kevin Durant continues to mingle with the road fans this season. 

Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant hates being chirped at by fans, especially during game play. 

It was a raucous crowd in Atlanta. 

They were out for blood. 

At one point you can hear the crowd chanting “Draymond Hates You” 

If you remember not too long ago, KD went after some Mavericks fans who called him “Cupcake ” 

His response was very Un-MVP like: 

Last night night KD was at it again, this time he told some Atlanta Hawks fans to ‘shut up and watch the game’

He left out the F-bomb. 

Watch below: 

It seems to me KD wasn’t expecting them to laugh it off, but once he heard their chuckles, he was having some fun with it too. 

This is a great back and forth exchange. 

Playful trash talk with the fans is 

Being a cupcake is   

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