UFC hall of famer Randy Couture had a sex tape leaked on a popular porn website.  There aren’t a ton of details as to if he was hacked, or if a former lover released it.

Couture was a trail blazer inside of the octagon, and as likely the first male MMA fighter to have a sex tape leaked. 

He’s now a trail blazer outside of it too.  

The tape reportedly just features Couture doing some solo work on his stand up game.

Via Middle Easy:

Here is a headline we never thought we would write. Two division UFC champion Randy Couture is the latest MMA celebrity to reportedly get hacked.

Randy Couture isn’t the first MMA celebrity to be the victim of hackers but he may be the first male to be. Couture, to the best of our knowledge, may be the first MMA fighter to have actual video taken from him and blasted across the Internet.

Who knows, maybe Couture can spin his one man show into a reality TV show and build a massive empire.

It worked for Kim Kardashian. 

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