Looks as if former NFL wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson will stay be playing catch with his wife, at least for the near future. 

Three years after the former NFL superstar’s wife filed for divorce, a judge on Friday dismissed the case due to inactivity.  

This comes via The Blast.com

If Jennifer Conrad wants to move forward with the divorce, she can re-file her case. Conrad filed for divorce in March 2015, just seven months after the couple tied the knot. The pair reconciled at one point but then Conrad said she was pushing forward with the divorce.Keyshawn Johnson and Conrad have two young children together. 

Looks like no one was in a rush to finalize this divorce. Maybe they have an arrangement worth sticking out? 

You know Key always has his eye on catching something new. 

Check out more pics of Key’s wife Jennifer Conrad below: 

She’s a keeper!