We received a tip about Pistons center Andre Drummond’s new lady friend Abigail Russo after we posted that she had attended a recent preseason game.  

It confirms that she does want to let everyone to know who she was there to see and claims she is a stripper from Miami who is trying to land an athlete.

I used to dance with Abigail Russo in Miami, she has a pimp. That’s not his girlfriend lol she wants clout that’s why she posted him. when she met Andre she deleted her Instagram and made a new one to make herself look like wife material. she is desperate to be wifed by an athlete. When the news released about Elizabeth being pregnant she pretended she was pregnant too lol. She is a stripper that sells her body. I believe Elizabeth’s baby is his, her highlight says bebe drumm. Elizabeth deleted all her pics of them on insta a couple months ago and Abigail seems like just a recent fling, I never see her around him besides that night.

We’ll have to keep our eye on these two to see if the “fling” turns into something a little more serious or if Drummond decides to get back with Elizabeth closer to the due date.