UFC superstar Khabib Nurmagomedov says he would do everything the same in his now infamous UFC 229 cage jump,  and that he has no regrets over the scenes that sullied his win over Conor McGregor back in October.

UFC lightweight champion Nurmagomedov was handed a nine-month suspension and $500,000 fine last week by the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC), over the mass brawl he sparked by vaulting the cage to attack McGregor’s teammate Dillon Danis after submitting the Irishman in the fourth round in Las Vegas.

Speaking to Russian channel Match TV, Nurmagomedov said he does not regret his actions on that notorious night on October 6th.

“I’ve had many situations in my life that I regret, but you can’t turn back time,” Nurmagomedov said.But this is not on the list of things I regret. If the situation happened again 100 times, I would do the same thing 100 times.I don’t have a gram of regret about my actions. Some people liked it, some people didn’t. It makes no difference. I did what I wanted to do.”

Khabib has maintained from the outset that his actions were the culmination of the hate-filled build-up to the fight that saw McGregor’s trash-talk delve deep into sensitive areas such as the Russian’s family and his Muslim faith.

The undefeated Dagestani fighter is also a proponent of Sambo, the Russian combat sport, which translates as “self-defense without weapons,” and cited it in justifying his response after the fight.

“I’m a Sambo fighter. It’s unarmed self-defense. I didn’t attack first, they attacked me. There were provocations.From the organization [UFC] I felt support for his side, there were a lot of moments when I turned a blind eye. I said at the press conferences that on October 6 I would dot all the I’s.Each person has his own opinion, I don’t want to argue with anyone. To each their own.”

McGregor was hit with a six-month ban and $50,000 fine for his role in the ugly scenes, during which he clashed with members of Khabib’s team in the cage

Whatever happened that night, and how or why it transpired is old news. It’s a fight that will never be forgotten, so maybe it was worth it. 

I’d watch it unfold another 100 times .