Newly signed Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins just became the highest paid player in the league with his $84 million dollar contract, which is fully guaranteed. Even though he is a millionaire, Kirk is still pretty frugal with his money. 

According to  a GQ interview, Kirk Cousins said that he lives in his parents’ basement during the offseason and will continue. They also stay in his wife’s parents’ home as well. Looks like they’re double dipping anywhere they can. 

 During the summer, Kirk Cousins lives in his parents’ basement. The early months of the year are spent in a warmer climate: the basement of Julie’s parents’ place, just northeast of Atlanta. “It works well,” says Cousins. “We don’t pay rent.”  

Gotta be pretty nice not to have to deal with rent. My guess is they’ll buy a nice modest 3 bedroom house in Minnesota. We know he’s at least going to be there for three years. Or maybe he buys his parents a house there, and just lives in the basement.  

Check out more pics of Kirk and his better half Julie below. These two are living the dream, just not the dream most people have of living in their own home away from their parents.