This week the Oakland A’s claimed Trayce Thompson off waivers from the Yankees,  who had claimed him from the Dodgers on Tuesday. OF course Oakland is a good landing spot for him. 

Trayce is the younger brother of Golden State Warriors All-Star guard Klay Thompson.

A’s manager Bob Melvin told’s Jane Lee that both Trayce and Klay are likely excited to be so close to each other. “I talked to [Trayce], and he’s really excited,” he said. “I know Klay a little bit, and I’m sure he’s pretty happy about this, too.”

Klay will be able to cheer on his favorite team and now that his brother is in the mix, he can really be a huge fan. 

Reality show producers take notice, these two can be the next big thing in brotastic programming. Not sure how long he’ll last on the A’s though, this guy is being passed around more than a blunt.