In a wide-ranging interview with Lakers reporter Mike Trudell, the Crown Prince of Chino Hills revealed that his first heir will be a girl, with a due date of July 16th.

“Yeah it’s crazy. My whole family is all boys,” Ball said. “We only have like two girls in the whole family. It’s just my mom and her mom. My dad has five brothers (and two sisters), I have my two brothers (obviously). All boys.”

Zo said that he’s taken notes on fatherhood from some of his teammates, including Julius Randle, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Tyler Ennis. But when it comes to his own parenting style, he hopes to follow in the footsteps of none other than LaVar Ball.

That’s scary, he’s going to push his kid from the time of her birth straight for the WNBA? “I want to be the same way my dad was,” he explained. “Always there, always cared for me and supported me, and supports me in anything I do that’s positive. Making sure I stay out of trouble, and keeping me on the right path.”  

Last time we heard from Lonzo and Denise, they were splitting up, and he had already landed another girlfriend. Let’s hope they can reconcile before the birth, the last thing the NBA needs is another baby momma. 

Here are some more pics of Denise below, the mother of LaVar Ball’s first grandchild. She’s a big baller for life.