Rumors have been circulating about his return to the NBA, despite retiring nearly two years ago.

But Kobe Bryant put that gossip to bed on Friday while appearing on the The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The 40-year-old Oscar winner told Ellen that he would not be returning for another season.

‘I heard that while I was in Mexico for my birthday,’ said Kobe, and imitated others claiming, ‘Kobe’s training like crazy.’

Then he laughed, ‘Whaaaa I’m sitting back with a margarita,’ adding, ‘That’s not true.’

Kobe and Ellen also played some games. Ellen tested basketball icon Kobe Bryant’s skills post-retirement in an entertaining game of “Ellen & Kobe’s Connect 4 Hoops.”

Kobe also revealed to Ellen he’s a 100% nerd, and you’ll be surprised that the basketball icon’s most valuable possessions have to do with “Harry Potter” and “Game of Thrones.”

Let’s pray Kobe won’t end up playing in the Big 3 League.