David Kaplan, who hosts Kap and Co. on ESPN 1000, revealed on Wednesday that star Kris Bryant turned down an extension from the Cubs reportedly worth mote than $200 million.  He and his agent, Scott Boras, has decided to go the year-to-year in arbitration route. 

Via Bleacher Nation

Dave Kaplan just dropped a bomb on ESPN1000 today, reporting that he’s heard from a source that the Cubs approached Kris Bryant and his agent Scott Boras “in the last several months” about a “massive extension” worth “well north of $200 million.” That extension was – again, according to the source – turned down by Bryant and Boras, who preferred instead to go year-to-year in arbitration.

This is very interesting.  It could mean that he wants out of Chicago.  It could also mean that his buddy Bryce Harper isn’t planning to sign with the Cubs and he wants to leave the door open to eventually join up with him.