The Los Angeles Lakers have spoken to Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma about toning down their social media roasting of each other following a rap diss track that Ball released about Kuzma this week.  

The two are buddies, but the ribbing is rubbing some the wrong way within the Lakers organization. The Lakers had grown concerned about the increasingly personal nature of some of the recent roasting between two of their young stars, sources told ESPN. 

The track included a lyric about Kuzma’s lack of a relationship with his biological father. Kuzma was raised by his mother, Karri, who  tweeted on Wednesday. She put her foot down, and said it’s over for the boys.  

Ball and Kuzma took pride in being able to respond to each other’s jokes, like it was a badge of honor.

“All that matters is if you can clap back,” Kuzma said in February during an interview with Ball about their roasting. “That’s why you see he stopped going at me. Because he knows.”

Just shows how immature the Lakers are. I don’t know if LeBron wants to walk into this nursery school.