You can tell these two guys are legit, nothing fake about them, and their relationship clearly carries over to the court. DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry on Tuesday night. 

Well the pair both went off on the court, and then bickered like a married couple during the post-game. This is some good chemistry. 

DeRozan: You know, these days it’s not like I gotta have a mind set to go out there and score 30, 40 points. I go out there and play …

Lowry: You just had 37. Whatchu mean?!

DeRozan: I didn’t go out there saying “Lemme score 30 tonight.”

Lowry: But I’m just saying you had 37, don’t say it like …

DeRozan: I’m saying I didn’t go out there …

Lowry: But I’m just saying you can’t say that when you had 37.

DeRozan: Listen to what I’m trying to explain, bro.

Lowry: I understand what you’re saying.

DeRozan: Lemme finish?

Lowry: Can I leave?  

More from the NBA’s cutest couple below: 

You have to like the Raptors just based off these two guys’ friendship. They don’t have any ego, and they genuinely love each other’s company. Watch out for Toronto to come out of the EAST.