Tom Brady has often said he’d like to play til he’s 45 years old. Now this report out of nowhere has him calling it quits. New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will either play football in 2018 or retire.  

According to a report from ESPN’s Adam Schefter

[Brady] still has not committed to playing in 2018, even though people who know him believe he will back for the coming season, league sources told ESPN on Wednesday.

The lack of any official word from Brady, either privately or publicly, has left some to admit that, while they do believe he will play in 2018, they cannot say that for sure.

This is probably just more hoopla from the rift between Brady, Belichick, and Brady’s trainer Alex Guerrero. 

“I believe he’s going to be there,” another person who knows Brady told ESPN. “However, having said that, we’re dealing with a human being. Things can change. But I do believe he will be playing.”  

The NFL needs Tom Brady more than Tom Brady needs the NFL, but Brady has a competitive streak bigger than anyone in the NFL. How will he fill that void? 

If I was a betting man, which I am, my hard earned money would be Tom Brady will be on the field come week 1. This report, much like most that comes out of Foxboro, is probably just more misdirection and chatter.