Collegiate volleyball player and celebrity girlfriend Brenna Barksdale rose to fame after it was announced that she was in a relationship with professional basketball player Kyrie Irving. 

She played the middle blocker position for Auburn University’s women’s team. She’s been in hiding for a while, as least on Social Media, as her last post was over six months ago. Now this week we see Breanna is back, and looking pretty darn good. 

 Our source tells us she and Kyrie went on a quick little vacation together. 

We know Kyrie is out for the playoffs, and won’t be ready to resume basketball activities for at least a few months. What’s his long term future with the Celtics, and with Breanna? Impossible to predict. What we do know is Kyrie’s in good hands. 

In the meantime he is healing his knee with a little company. Check out more pics of Breanna below. She’s a keeper.