Former NFL cornerback Asante Samuel, who played for both the Patriots and Eagles, responded to reports that Tom Brady hasn’t yet committed to playing in 2018.  He asked the Eagles on Twitter what they did to the Patriots after beating them in the Super Bowl.

The recent Brady news adds to the rumors that Rob Gronkowski is contemplating retirement and isn’t great for the Patriots and their dynasty.  Not to mention the fact that Danny Amendola, Nate Solder, Malcolm Butler, Dion Lewis and defensive coordinator Matt Patricia have all moved on.

Are the Patriots broken?  Let’s wait and see what Bill Belichick does with the 2018 before we go that far.  Don’t ever underestimate him.

They’re definitely not the same team they were last season, even if Brady and Gronk decide to play in 2018.  But let’s not count them out until we see them in the first few games next season.