New York Giants superstar wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. was recently spotted with hid buddies at the music festival Coachella. We posted the evidence for everyone to see. Now it looks like he’s back in Los Angeles. 

OBJ was spotted at the Sports rehab doctor in Los Angeles, you can see that picture above, and also hanging with his cousin. Looks like OBJ is staying in Los Angeles for a little R&R. Coachella will do that to a man. 

Odell is due $8.4 million in his final year of his rookie contract. The Giants can franchise him each of the next two years. So who knows if he’ll get that extension, looking unlikely.  

“If the Giants pay Beckham his 2018 salary and franchise tag him each of the next two years, they’d be paying him about $43.7 million combined for those three seasons, or $14.56 million per year,” Moore said. “Teams extend players to keep costs down, not to overpay them. He can’t ask for $20 million a year because the Giants can control him for $16 million less the next three years using the franchise tag.”