For quite a while we have known that e-sports are a growing industry. We have also known that the most popular computer games, now have professional leagues. L.E.C. stands for LoL (league of legends) European Championship. A competition that pioneering gambling establishments like William Hill casino games have included in their betting options since the beginning. And a tournament whose winner enjoys worldwide recognition and significant benefits. Two of the major players have decided to join forces and ascertain dominance over the European e-sports scene.


In December of 2021, Ibai Llanos, one of the greatest Iberian streamers and Barcelona player Gerard Piqué, created the team. They have now signed contracts with 7 professional games that are due to expire in November. David Sabater, under the handle Saba serves as team manager, while Danusch Fischer is the head coach.

So far, they have participated in five tournaments with mixed results. The team is sponsored by entities of the likes of Disney+, Cupra, Finetwork, and Kelme.


They are the current champions in Europe after defeating G2 3-0 in the last final. At this time, they are participating in the World Championship of League of Legends. It’s a German team subsidiary of ReKTGlobal, coached by Simon Payne. Apart from their LoL department, they have also teams for Rainbow Six Siege and Rocket League where they also hold the title of the Champion of the series (RLCS). The roster consists of five top-tier international players.

According to the agreement between the two, they will participate in the next LEC edition as KOIxROGUE, while each one’s rights are maintained completely intact. The general manager of the joined LoL department will be Ibai Llanos and his main duty will be to secure the necessary funds that will guarantee the stated goal of the venture.

A lot of money at stake

The details that have become known reveal that it is more of a cooperation between the two, rather than a merger. No details have been revealed as to the disposition of any possible rewards and we are talking about significant amounts of money. For example, Rogue’s participation in Worlds will bring them 486,500 US$ if they win. 333,750 US$ will be collected by the runner-up, while even the 9th team stands to receive an amount like 55,625 US$.

In fact, the rewards may seem inadequate in comparison to the cost of maintaining a professional e-sports team. It is quite indicative that the latest calculations say that a 10-men roster costs more than 1.850 million Euros per year in salaries and other expenses. Hence the need for sponsors, fundraising, and winning as many competitions per year as possible.

As the popularity of e-sports grows, so will the Asian bookies and their European counterparts will keep releasing quite lucrative offers and odds. Part of this popularity is the fact that no special skills are required so, everyone can become a celebrated player. And of course a celebrated bet winner.