Years of hard partying will do that to a man.  

So will a drug-induced coma. If you can recall, Lamar suffered twelve strokes and six heart attacks over the years following the scary incident.

Now as he’s about to embark on his comeback for The Big 3, he’s reminiscing about his memory loss, and how it took a toll on his hoops game. 

Via NY Daily News:  

“My damn memory. I can’t remember shit,” Odom said, noting that he tends to forget where he placed an object moments after setting it down.

“From the stroke, some of my balance is not the same, my equilibrium is not the same, but I’m working on it to get it better,” he said. “Handling the basketball came so naturally. When I see that going between my legs and going behind my back is a problem, I think that’s the coma and stroke and heart attack.”

“For me, it’s just a blessing to be able to play. I’m just refining all my skills,” Odom said. “I think God made a deal with me. He said, ‘I’m going to give you life, but I’m going to take your basketball skills.’ But I don’t mind working to get it back. It’s going to be a tedious process, but it’ll come back.”

Lamar is hoping to be selected in the upcoming Big3 draft, in which 132 players, including many former professionals athletes like himself, will vie to join the three-on-three league operated by Ice Cube.

Something tells me Lamar will be on the court. 

He’s too big of a name/train wreck to pass on.  

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