Former Los Angeles Lakers star about his new book, Darkness to Light: A Memoir, which was released on Tuesday and, in part, covers his scary incident in October 2015, when he was hospitalized for a near-fatal drug overdose after being found unconscious in a room at the Love Ranch Brothel in Nevada.

This lead to a very pressing question. 

During his NBA career, Lamar Odom made a reported $114 million.

After taxes and agent fees, heโ€™d be left with about $60 million net. 

So when Lamar Odom revealed just how much money he spent on drugs, he may have been a little bit off. 

Watch below:  

Odom’s memoir also candidly delves into his sex addiction and substance abuse issues, including his claim that he has slept with over 2,000 women.

Now that number I can believe. 

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