Looks like Golden State Warriors sharp shooter Klay Thompson is staying hot this postseason. 

NBA star Klay Thompson almost messed up big-time, but it appears things are back on track for actress Laura Harrier and Klay. 

Klay and Laura had been dating for a little more than 6 months, before things seemed to cool down. 

Then Klay was spotted with another actress out on a date. 

However shortly after, we spotted Klay liking her IG posts again, leading us to believe the two were back together.

Now with Laura  being spotted at Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals, it’s official like a ref with a whistle, the two are definitely back on.  

Check out some pics of Laura at Game 2 below:  

Klay and Laura first went public with their relationship in January, when the two were spotted together at a Golden Globes party.

With KD out, and Laura back in, the Warriors are definitely going to win it all this year. 

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