LaVar Ball knows how to ‘Always be Selling’ as that’s pretty much all he does when it comes to  his children. LaVar is going to have LaMelo play in China or Australia so that he can make money at a young age.

From there, LaMelo will be eligible to be drafted in the year 2020 which means he could be playing NBA games as soon as 16 months from now. After a solid Drew League performance, LaVar said he’ll be going #1. 

Now he’s doubling down on that. 

LaVar went on to First Take (Cue the Circus Music) and made this very brazen prediction:  

LaVar has big plans for LaMelo’s NBA career and says that it will all start with him becoming the first overall pick in the draft.

But you know what happens when LaVar gets involved in his son’s basketball lives…

Good luck kid. 

Hope your pops’ curse doesn’t cost you.  

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